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What is Industrial design?

Industrial design is the process of developing concepts for manufactured products through techniques and projects.

The main aspect is that the design is separate from the manufacturing; in other words, It’s the creative act of developing the concept and defining the shape of a product before it’s being manufactured. In fact, it is a creative and artistic individual act that incorporates the aesthetic aspect of product design and development. Engineers work with three-dimensional features - shape, pattern and decoration, always keeping in mind their accessibility, functionality and marketing.

There are so many methodological approaches to Industrial design. Most times, the processes used by professionals are user interface, writing, drawing, modeling, product search, testing and prototyping. Designers use the latest software, computer-aided design and CAD programs to give their concept a definitive form.

Industrial design also highlights the other side of the process - technical conceptualization, products and processes. In addition to considering the aesthetics and ornamentation of the product, it also covers engineering, convenience, production and other concerns, including psychology, user mood and emotional attachment. These aspects of industrial design may vary by designer and thought.


Designers must be versatile to deal with various areas of art, marketing and engineering. In addition, they must have strong creative knowledge, a clear sense of product design and practical and aesthetic skills. Using these skills, designers need to create a design and implement a strategy .

Below are few tips designers should understand in going about research method to improve their market.

A designer must perform a comprehensive market research to ensure the success of any product on the market. As a result, every time a new product or service is produced, designers must conduct extensive market research and analysis. An industrial designer takes into account other factors, and creating custom solutions for brand reputation is one of the most important tasks. To do this, he must have exceptional creative abilities and the ability to think differently from the rest of the world. If they are not able to come up with the right solution, the product may be worse off.


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