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Research methods

Research method consists of gathering profitable information and understanding the activities of the entire chain. It is risky to know the startup level errors that a designer may commit during the initial phase. The research method reduces the risks incurred during the preliminary phase and eliminates commercial errors.

Market research involves business processing mechanisms, the collection of valuable and high quality data for a proposed market, in order to provide assistance in researching products and services. It is intended to provide assistance to beginners and to make decisions at the professional level. The process helps by providing business decisions at all levels of the market that are in line with industry standards and market policies. Business ideas help to evaluate the quality of information and to offer a commercial market.

Unique research methods of industrial design

Appreciative research: is relatively new compared to other business research methods. This approach tries to avoid the traditional way of restricting thinking to deal with what is perceived as a problem. As it is a philosophy, it has generated a number of models, designs, techniques and tools.

The case study design: This involves analyzing the overall experience of a specific customer in order to discover models and themes relevant to the business. The case may be an individual, a program or any other unit that the company considers useful to achieve its objectives. Case studies are conducted by collecting the data, organizing the data in the best way, developing a narrative, validating the participants' stories and comparing them to find common ground.

Group work: These sessions usually bring together six to ten people at a time, and you usually get a lot of information. However, it is important for the groups to know how to prepare the session, develop questions, plan and facilitate the session and follow up.

Industrial design survey: The questionnaires and surveys are similar and explicit. Listening can be useful for communication within the company and also for creating relationships with customers. It is advantageous to know all these methods.


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