Mini Menorah created for the 'Miracles and Wonders' exhibition at the SAGA Gallery - curators Galina Arbeli and Adi Karelitz.

The 75x75mm menorah was produced by laser-cutting mirror-finish aluminium and comes complete with 48 miniature candles.

The development process included; the testing of the minimum distance between the candles so that their flames do not combine, checking the limitations of the laser cutting technology to ensure that the small distance between the candle holder segments is possible, procuring the miniature candles and designing within the budget so that the consumer price was appropriate.

The packaging was also designed, using laser-cut polyethylene layers to create pockets for the individual parts within the cardboard box.

The Mini Menorahs were sold in SAGA stores and in Judaica stores in New York.

Design of graphic stamps on the packaging: Lior Shifman.

Photography: Dor Kedmi


Shaike Ofir St 13 Rosh Haayin, Israel


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